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University of Alaska Anchorages Prepares for Emergency Situations

A gunman shot shot three people Wednesday on the campus of Florida State University. But, if something like that were to happen in Alaska at University Alaska Anchorage, would they be prepared? Read more »

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Fire Officials Encourage Testing Smoke Alarms as You Turn Back Your Clocks

On Sunday morning hopefully everyone remembered to turn their clocks back one hour, and the Alaska Fire Chiefs Association is hoping you did one other task as well. Read More »

Mountain View Stand off ends after gas deployment

Anchorage, Ak-- "It was a surprise."

Nearby Mountain View resident BobbyLee Castoe says she was getting ready for work when she heard a loud thud outside her window Thursday morning. ... Read More »

The Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police say NO to marijuana

 Anchorage, AK-- To the officers of the law, legalizing marijuana doesn't mean smoking weed freely on the streets. 

"It's already an issue," Anchorage Chief of Police Mark... Read More »