2 ASD schools go into 'Stay-Put Mode' after APD search for warrant suspect'


by Whitney LB Miller

ANCHORAGE - The search for a suspect with felony warrants continued Wednesday after the suspect fled on foot earlier this afternoon shutting down two local schools.

The incident put two schools on quote stay put mode. Parents where only allowed to pick up their children from Baxter elementary once the 'stay-put' rule was lifted.

Just after 2:30 pm Baxter elementary went into stay put mode after a routine traffic stop turned into a crime scene.

The driver - who had a felony warrant out for his arrest fled on foot heading in the direction of the bog behind the school; just as parents began to pull up to pick up their kids.

"Its crazy because I had just made a comment like lets hurry up and get to her school before this guy tries to run in the school," said Andrea Bailey-Davidson. "Then we pull up and there is all these cops so that's why I started freaking out and then he got out to go get her and the doors were locked."

As police searched the surrounding neighborhoods both Baxter and Anchorage Waldorf School were in stay put mode for about an hour - meaning no one could enter or exit the front doors.

Baxter elementary principal Vicki Hodge said "They were just taking precaution so they had us go into stay put in the building and then one of the officers stayed here to monitor the front door."

Bailey-Davidson says the extra precaution the police took at Baxter gave here piece of mind.

"Once they told me that its just extra safety matters its makes me feel a little bit better that they would be here to protect them instead someone just comes in and walks into the school hiding out,"said Bailey-Davidson.

The principal at Baxter says no harm no foul when it comes to Wednesday's brief situation - saying the whole ordeal felt as routine as their monthly drills.

"Each month we have drills that we practice so that the children can handle situations like what happened today so everybody stayed calm and went about our normal routines," she said.

APD called off the stay put at 3:29pm, just in time for the final bell to ring. Police describe the suspect as a black male with a goatee or beard wearing jeans and a dark sweatshirt.