Axel: Road to Recovery


by Lindsay Housaman

Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue is working to save a dog named Axel's life. Emily McMahan, Vice President of the organization tells Your Alaska Link that the people who found Axel are familiar with his former owner. They say that the owner was taking Axel outside of the village of King Salmon to shoot him, but that didn't happen. Instead, Axel was bound by his legs and left to die. McMahan says he appeared back into the town of Port Heiden near King Salmon about two weeks later and people noticed he was severely injured and that he was missing parts of his hind legs. Between Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue and the staff at VCA Bering Sea Animal Hospital, it's apparent that Axel actually chewed off his own hind legs to free himself. Veterinarians say he lost about 20% of both of his back legs. A family in the town where he was found took him in and cared for him until he was immediately rushed to Anchorage and to the VCA Bering Sea Animal Hospital for care. Veterinarians say he needs to have a double amputation and prosthetic legs to be able to continue on as a normal, happy dog. At minimum, his care will cost $5,000.00. "We can get him back on his feet and used to the prosthetics and essentially teach him how to walk again," says Jonathan Kuo of VCA Bering Sea Animal Hospital. "After all he's been through, I don't want him dead." Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue members say they or any rescue group is always there to help animals don't suffer the same fate as Axel. "There are rescue groups that can help," says Emily McMahan of ADPR. "That way we don't have to find dogs like Axel in these cruel and unfortunate situations he has found himself in." If you would like to donate, visit the organizations website at