A look in the Fairview neighborhood crimes


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 ANCHORAGE -- New developments tonight in the case of a woman found dead in a Fairview neighborhood. 

Police say they have positively identified 26-year-old Jessica Lake. 

She was found unconscious and not breathing Tuesday near the corner of 13th and Hyder, and police report that she was homeless.

This investigation just days after a shooting occurred only a block away. 

Now residents and law officials are concerned about crimes rates in the Fairview community. 

Celest Benson has been residing in her home for over 35 years, and says it's the best part of town, but she says its not without problems.
"Sometimes i feel like we are singled out for you know crime," said Benson. "When
something happens they are like 'oh, Fairview' is mention and its makes the
attention of bad things happening in this area."
At one time Benson had been an advocate for a better Fairview years ago, and says she helped improve 15th Avenue for safe travel.
"There was a time that we became aware of a lot of drug activity and
disturbances in the community," adds Benson.
But the issue still remains that fairview is well known for its crime.
Lieutenant Gilliam is a part of the Community Action Policing Team that is a group dedicated to cleaning up the crime around town.
In 2008  they entered Fairview.