AFD Battles Blazes at South Anchorage Home

Fire crews respond to a fire at a three-story home located off Southpark Loop in south Anchorage.


by Megan Mazurek

ANCHORAGE - Fire crews respond to a house fire in south Anchorage shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday evening.

The roof of three story home, located off Southpark Loop, was fully engulfed when crews arrived. APD says a lone female occupant told firefighters everyone was out of the house and the roof caught fire after the wood burning stove was lit.

Long drive ways, lack of fire-hydrants and steep slopes are some of the challenges facing firefighters. Fire officials say it will take some time before they're certain the fire is entirely extinguished.

"It's going to take quite a bit of over hall," said Heather Smith, AFD firefighter and EMT. "The roof is challenging because there might have been some dead space in there that's hard to get to so it's a challenging fire to put out."

Officials say about 20 of AFD's firefighting units responded to the fire.