AK gets a "D" on emergency services report card

New research suggests Alaska may be falling short when it comes to emergency care.


by Your Alaska Link News Team
by Victoria Taylor

ANCHORAGE-New research suggests alaska may be falling short when it comes to emergency care.
The study conducted by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) gave the last frontier a report card grade of "D."

Rank uses five categories, from medical liability to disaster preparedness.

When it comes to quality and patient safety, public health and injury prevention and access to emergency care, we failed.

"Because many of our challenges are geographically linked."because of the way our population is distributed in the state, the only center with enough population for a level 2 trauma center is anchorage. theres no place  in the state that could have a level 1 center. that just means we wont score well because of the population density," said Carlton Heine, ACEP President.

Alaska did get recognized for having strong medical liability and disaster preparedness.
Since the last report, alaska jumped from 49 to 18 in disaster prep.

The study is released every four years.

Alaska fell from 38th place to 42nd this year.