Afghan brown heroin makes first appearance on Kodiak Island


by Victoria Taylor

KODIAK, Kodiak police have seized illegal drugs with an estimated value of $120,000.
Kodiak police Sunday seized 76 grams of suspected black tar heroin, 28 grams of Afghan brown heroin, 42 grams of crack cocaine and smaller amounts of methamphetamine and powder cocaine.

This is the first time police have seen the Afghan brown heroin on the island.

Kodiak Police Chief Ronda Wallace says the investigation began when officers contacted two people acting suspiciously in downtown Kodiak.
She says one was a parole violator from Anchorage. A second person arrested was from Missouri.
After discovering one person was carrying drug paraphernalia, officers obtained a search warrant and found the drugs in two hotel rooms.
Wallace says heroin use is increasing in Kodiak. She says outside sellers have recognized the demand for drugs and are coming to the island with supplies.

Chief  Wallace says the drug trafficking and increased deman leads to other illegal activites police have to deal with, "Drugs fuel other problems for us. The burglaries, the theft, the assault and we've seen quite a rise in the amount of drug cases that we have worked this year. It's just becoming a scarey realization what a big problem Kodiak has."

Associated Press contributed to portions of this story.