Anchorage Man Charged for Attempted Murder of Ex-Girlfriend

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by Russ Slaten

Domestic violence is continually plaguing Alaskans with numbers reaching the top in the nation per capita. The details of each case may be different, but officials said crimes like this must be stopped.

An Anchorage man is charged with the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, police said. The stabbing occurred in East Anchorage yesterday at the residence of the victim. The man was arrested last night after the incident and arraigned today in jail court on four criminal charges.

Charging documents said the man responsible for the stabbing has a history of violent offenses.

The victim's family said they were scared for her life, but are relieved that she is now recovering.

Anchorage police responded to a call near the corner of 16th Avenue and Beaver Place a little after 6:30pm yesterday.

Upon arrival officers found that a 44-year-old woman was driven to the hospital in a private vehicle. Officers then arrested 50-year-old Mark Horton.

"Mr. Horton has been charged with attempted murder, with assault in the first degree, with assault in the 3rd degree, as well as a charge of endangering. Those are very serious charges, and this woman very nearly lost her life in this attack," said APD Spokesperson Lt. Dave Parker.

Horton's ex-girlfriend was not the only victim.

"In this particular event there were children in the home when this occurred, and that is also a huge problem because it mars kids and hurts them psychologically, even if they are not hurt physically," said Lt. Parker.

Charging documents said the victim broke up with Horton a couple months ago, and had returned from a family vacation in Louisiana. In an interview with police, the victim said Horton was attempting to get back together with her. After saying no, and attempting to leave, she said he started assaulting her.

According to charging documents, the victim suffered serious stab wounds to her neck, chest and face, along with slashes to her neck, arm and fingers.

"It is not worth continuing in a relationship in which you are going to be hurt severely or killed. It only gets worse unless there is some kind of forceful intervention to stop that cycle," said Lt. Parker.

Court records show Horton was charged for two misdemeanor offenses on May 6 for assault and family violence. The next day a domestic violence restraining order was filed by the victim.

"We encourage people, if they're in a domestic relationship in which there is violence, to get help, to get help now, because it will only get worse," said Lt. Parker.

Horton is a registered sex offender and has four prior felony criminal convictions in Louisiana. Horton's bail is set at $500,000.