Jury Finds Syvinski Guilty

Sentencing Set For Late October


by Mike Ford

The four day trial for the man accused of beating up a seven year old girl for her bike ended with the jury deliberating a total of four hours.

The jury unanimously convicted Syvinsky on all seven charges including assault and robbery both in the first degree. Earlier this week, Syvinski admitted he was high on bath salts when he beat seven year old Am-Marie Martin unconcious last summer over her bicycle.

The grown man wanted the little girl to give him her bike and when she refused, she ended up in the hospital for a week. Doctors have said that the injuries were so severe she could suffer from long term learning disabilities and she still suffers from dizzy spells and headaches.

The four day trial ended this morning with closing arguments from both sides. Judge Jack Smith says Syvinski's medical records were shown to the jury before deliberations.