Coast Guard Training in Anchorage

A Coast Guard 25-foot response boat transits across the bay while testing shallow water capabilities during Operation Arctic Crossroads 2010.


by Your Alaska Link News Team

ANCHORAGE- Members of  the Coast Guard law enforcement sector are in Anchorage conducting a week long training. From gun take-away to target practice, the group is gearing up for summer operations.

Wednesday, the group trained on defense moves for weapons. Such as, a rear escape, retention of holster weapon and retaining a weapon.

"In a situation where god forbid that might haPpen, this could be a lethal force matter and the fact of the matter is they took the weapon away from a law enforcement professional. So thats escalated pretty hIgh and its something that we need to have at least talked about and run drills over to prevent," said Shawn Purcell, an ME-2 reservist.

For these men and women a primary focus will be on boater safety.They will work alongside troopers, fish and game and NOAA.