Defense claims self-defense in mall shooting


by Your Alaska Link News Team

A man charged with first-degree murder at Alaska's busiest mall is claiming self-defense.

Attorney Brendan Kelly says Terence Gray feared for his life when he shot and killed Edwing Matos on Feb. 27, 2010, in the Dimond Center.

Prosecutors say Matos and his cousin, Dennis Johnson, were trying to retrieve property stolen from Matos.

Reports say Matos had lost a video game console in a burglary and found a replacement for sale on Craigslist. Johnson bought the PlayStation from Gray and Matos determined it had been stolen from him.

Prosecutors say Matos and Johnson arranged to meet with Gray at the mall to discuss other stolen property.

Gray showed up armed and in disguise.

Jurors Thursday watched surveillance video of the shooting as attorneys made opening statements.