Downtown Crackdown: Part Three


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 ANCHORAGE --It's seldom that the streets downtown are quiet; summer brings in a high traffic of people to the center of anchorage.

Safety concerns are not only centered around the nightlife.

According to senior patrol officer, Cindy Addington, it's 'round the clock. 

"Downtown we are going to see vandalism, theft, a lot of drug calls, a lot of intoxication," said Addington."It's a pretty good crowd for that, but you know you can have that element that is to come out and pray on these people."

She says police see issues related to bars, but that's not the focus.

"Obviously we are going to get some bar issues because there are so many bars downtown," added Addington. "But that's not really the population when I talk about inebriates."

Officer Addington is talking about juveniles and the homeless, and says to ensure safety for everyone - their needs to be an authoritative presence. 

"Trying to make ourselves really visible," said Addington. "Obviously we have a very different uniform than most of patrol does and bring the added safety that we need downtown."