Downtown Crackdown: Part Two


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 ANCHORAGE -- Downtown is a busy place, and with such a high number of people there is bound to be crime.

"[It was the] worst call of our life," said Linda Cossairt, mother of David Cossairt.  "We didn't know what was going on we just hurried down to the hospital and our kid had been almost murdered."

And at the center of that crime some believe it stems from the night life.

Not only in downtown, but across the city in midtown.

To the popular night club: Chilkoot Charlies.

"That night was pretty much like any other night," said David. "Normally I don't like going out because I don't like the bar scene because they have been known to be very violent."

But it turned out to be a night David says he will never forget.

"It's tragically sad that our community has gotten to the complacency of the

incidents," added Linda before looking to the ground.

It was at the parking lot of Chilkoot Charlies where David says he took a blow to the back of the head, and where he remembers a group of seven guys beating him up and leaving him for dead.

"I touched and tried to run through the group of gentlemen I saw in front of me," said David. "they were just too big; they grabbed a hold of me and just started throwing upper cuts into me until I went to the ground."

As a result David suffered significant injuries to his face, and has been on medical leave ever since.

"I was leaking cerebral fluid out of my ear," said David. "That is what I was worried about the most and I couldn't breath out of my nose because how bad it was crushed."

Earlier that night police reported two other victims of assault.

"There was a gentlemen assaulted not to my degree, but still assaulted to some what of an extent like an attack like mine was but they left him in better shape," added David.

Like bar owners downtown, Linda believes this is something beyond what happens within the bars.

"In my opinion it's a gang mentality," Linda replied. "When you go in that big of a group to find a victim to stomp to kill,  you are not a productive part of our society."