Downtown DUI arrests shift into Midtown


by Your Alaska Link News Team
by Victoria Taylor

ANCHORAGE-Two-month analysis shows location shifted for DUI arrests. An increase in alcohol related fatalaties, grant funding, and businesses asking for more downtown patrols lead to less offenses downtown.

Midtown arrests increased. "If you look at it you can see during the holiday push we brought down the OUI arrest, in downtown as a result of that work. In the same time you'll see that those arrests, that activity increased in some areas," said Anchorage Police Chief, Mark Mew.

The report comes from a new analysis system the police department is using. Which could be the reason for actually seeing the shift."I think these incidents probably always existed, the question is did we have the tools to be able to see these subtle differences?They were probably always there and we just weren't able to see them," said Mew.

Chief Mew says they are still working out some kinks with the software, but eventually this will help them predict a criminals next moves.