Former Police Officer sentenced for cyber crimes


by Your Alaska Link News Team

ANCHORAGE-A former police officer is sentenced to two years of probation Friday.
In 2012, Mark Moeller plead guilty to cyber crimes with the Anchorage Police Department's confidential criminal database.

"This is the stupidest felony I've ever seen," said Superior Court Judge, Michael Spaan.

It's illegal for officers to use the system for personal use. Moeller searched for information on his sister-in-law. As well as a 23-year-old woman he arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, whom he later had a personal relationship with.

Moeller's defense attorney says he is trying to move forward from the mistakes of his past, focusing on his future.Moeller is now a full time student at UAA and makes straight A's.

Judge Spaan acknowledges while Moeller may be making positive choices now, he broke the trust of dozens when he used the APSIN system.