Homeowners say one sign makes for great curb appeal


by Your Alaska Link News Team

ANCHORAGE-Some Alaskans  say they don't necessarily want nosey neighbors, but they don't mind the ones who are prepared to crack down on crime. there are several ways to feel safe. from security systems, to guard dogs and signs from the Neighborhood watch.
They show  which areas are participating in the neighborhood crime watch. Do homeowners think they actually work? " criminals are going to do what there going to do, maybe for the so-called honest criminal they might work," said Cassie Dalton, A south Anchorage home owner.

Neighborhood crime watch groups have been around for years.The premise is simple. Report suspicious activity to local law enforcement.Some neighborhoods don't just turn to the cops, they connect with each other.

" We like to keep an eye out for people in the neighborhood that don't look familiar.vehicles that are maybe cruIsing slowly. We have an email group with all the people in our neighborhood and we can let people know if anything is suspicious or we're not familiar with," said Greg Wilkinson, an Eagle River resident.

For some homeowners, seeing a warning sign is appealing because it might protect more than just the valuables inside. Dalton says she likes knwing there are an extra set of eyes looking out for her children's safety.

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