Honor Flag Arrives in Fairbanks to Honor Fallen Troopers


by Victoria Taylor

ANCHORAGE-It's been less than a week since Alaska lost two state troopers in the line of duty. The national Honor Flag arrived in the Golden Heart City to honor Sgt. Patrick "Scott" Johnson and Gabriel "Gabe" Rich.

The Honor Flag is one of the most sacred symbols for law enforcement and fire fighters.

Brian Leigh, with the Anchorage Fire Department coordinated the flags arrival. Although there were at least three other public service deaths in the past week, he says the nature of he troopers death made Alaska a top priority to receive the traveling memorial."They actually put it on a flight almost immediately," said Leigh.

This is not the first time the flag has seen the last frontier. Since September eleventh, 2001 the flag has traveled more than five million miles and honored more than one thousand men and women.