Johnson guilty on all six charges from 2013 DUI hit and run


by Your Alaska Link News Team

ANCHORAGE-In an Anchorage courtroom Tuesday,  the trial for Kayla Johnson ended.
A jury deliberates less than four hours on the six charges johnson faced before convicting her on all counts.

The 21-year-old was on trial for a July 2013 DUI hit and run. After a night of partying, Johnson got behind the wheel of her pt cruiser and struck Tevin George as he was crossing O'Malley road. The accident left george with brain injuries. He spent months learning how to speak, eat and sit on his own.

In closing arguments the prosecution shows the jury slide after slide of text messages Johnson sent in the 24 hours following the accident. In a four hour period she goes from saying "I" to "someone" when referencing her involvement in a vehicle accident the night before.

As the defense took center stage they presented a reconstruction of the accident.
Arguing to the jury Johnson's influence as the one behind the wheel is minimal in causing the accident since victim was wearing dark clothing.