New PSA's target safe haven awareness


by Your Alaska Link News Team
by Victoria Taylor

ANCHORAGE-Department of Health and Social Services will launch new campaign February first designed to target awareness about the states Safe Haven laws.Two 30 second spots will be featured.

Officials say the decision comes from the 2013 tragedy when JBER soldier, Ashley Ard allegedly left her newborn at an  Eagle River Park after giving birth to the baby.Ard  was indicted by the Grand Jury on second degree murder charges. If she had left the infant at a police or fire station she would not be charged.

Since its creation in 2008, no one has taken advantage of the laws in Alaska.

The law is written so the parent of an infant 21 days old or younger will not face repercussions for surrendering the child to emergency personnal.

Office of children services say there are voluntary forms online for the parent to put medical history of the newborn.