Open House for New Providence Newborn Intensive Care Unit


by Victoria Taylor

ANCHORAGE- Providence Alaska Medical Center opened it's doors for a preview of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Thursday evening. This addition is the second unit to open as part of the redesign and expansion to the Mother-baby unit.

The NICU will now have 66 beds to serve premature babies or babies that need a little extra care after delievery.

One of the biggest differences in the redesign was the push to create a family-friendly sterile environment, "We have lots of new family space where people can gather, a family kitchen, each room has space for parents to sleep and relax. The unti will support how familes can get support so we have places for siblings to come and visit at specififc times," said Kate Mohr,
Executive Director of womens services at Providence.

The NICU has several new features including specialized refrigeratiion systems for adding protein and fats to breast milk to aid in the recovery process for newborns and color coded floors in the nursery rooms indicating where sterile zones are to staff, and parents.