Officials Encourage Packing Winter Weather Safety Kits For Traveling


by Victoria Taylor

ANCHORAGE-Officials with the office of emergency management are encouraging drivers to pack survival kits for winter travel.

"At a minimum you're going to want a shovel, scrapper, hat and gloves, warm clothes and a sleeping bag," said Michelle Torres, emergency programs manager.

Many of the items she recommends are already in your home,"It's just. matter of putting these things in your vehicle," she said.

Knowing what to do if you get stranded, is just as important as the items packed in the car, according to officials. They recommend leaving the car running in ten minute spurts, cracking the windows and waiting inside your vehicle.

"What happens is snow can get into your tail pipe and then you'll end up with carbon monoxide poisoning so, leaving the window down running it every ten minutes is a good way to save your life," said Torres

Officials suggest packing enough supplies to last one or two days in your vehicle.