Statewide law enforcement learn new ways to empower Alaskans


by Whitney LB Miller

ANCHORAGE - Rural law enforcement have taken up a new trade, this week they are learning new ways to empower others to avoid becoming a victim.

The course is called my life and it's geared at stopping the epidemic of domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska.

All week village public safety officers, troopers, Kotzebue police and Bristol Bay area victim advocates are getting certified to teach the empowerment program in communities across the state.

"I'm hoping that they go to all of the towns, cities and villages in Alaska and teach girls as well as women how to empower themselves," said Robert Moore, Author and Developer of My Body, My Life.

"We want to increase the reporting of the crime because it's the most under reported crimes and we want to decrease the incidents as well as the danger level to all of the women that we can."

The program is designed to teach anyone over the age of 13 self-defense techniques as well as psychological and physical practices to avoid being placed in a dangerous situation.