Trail of Serial Rapist Reveals New Details

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by Russ Slaten

Original Air Date: September 20, 2012

(ANCHORAGE, AK) - The trial of Richard Dorsey, an Anchorage man who allegedly tried raping five women between 2001 and 2003, began Wednesday.

46-year-old Richard Dorsey faces 13 criminal charges, most for sexual assault and attempted sexual assault.

Prosecutors said Dorsey followed a pattern. They said the rapes occurred after he had picked up the women, involved a knife and were within four or five blocks from his house.

Dorsey's Defense Attorney Paul Maslakowski said he had sex with prostitutes but did not rape them. Maslakowski said prosecution is pinning the offenses on him without proper proof.

The 4th victim chronologically said she made small talk with Dorsey as he picked her up.

"He asked me if I had anything to do with the law, and I said 'no, you look like you're an undercover cop yourself,'" the fourth victim said.

The victim said Dorsey seemed trusting because he was clean-cut and well-dressed. He brought her to an alley way near the old Northern Lights Hotel between Northern Lights and Cheechako Street, instead of buying the alcohol they talked about, she testified. The victim said she feared for her life as he forced her into a port-a-potty nearby.

"He was really threatening, so you literally feel like your life is flashing before your eyes, that's what I was thinking, so I tried to pretend like I was fumbling, and the whole time the knife was up to my throat," she said.

Through the struggle, the victim testified to suffering cuts on her hand and a chipped tooth.

Dorsey's trial continues Monday.

Dorsey was sentenced in 2010 for five years in prison, convicted for sexually assaulting a woman at the Huffman Carrs Grocery store in 2006.