Voters hear about seven proposed bonds on April ballots


by Your Alaska Link News Team

ANCHORAGE-The Anchorage chamber of commerce held an open forum to inform residents on how much impact proposed bonds could have on both the city and wallets."When you vote for a bond, it allows debt." said municipal manager, George Vakalis.

The Anchorage school district has one proposed bond on ballots. They are asking voters to sign off on a 57.2M  bond to be divided among 19 schools. Airport Heights Elementary has been chosen to recieve nearly 23M of those dollars.

Anchorage School District's Superintendent Ed Graff says the school does not have a multi-purpose room, or designated space for music and art classes.

There are six additional bonds for Anchorage residents to consider.Proposition two through seven will focus on alleviating current challenges in the muni.Including upgrades to the Loussac library and  public safety improvements.The muni is asking for a bond approval of 32.7M.