Woman arraigned on homicide charges after allegedly stabbing toddler son.


by Your Alaska Link News Team

ANCHORAGE-During 40-year-old Tracia Jordan-Sainte's arraignment, she appears disoriented and unresponsive.When the judge ask about her birthdate, she stares and then says, "gotchu bitch."

She is charged with the attempted murder of her three year old son. Charging documents say the toddler's neck was sliced "across the entire front."

"The child was taken to the hospital where he was listed in critical condition had undergone surgery and from what I understand is now in stable recovery," said APD spokeswoman Jennifer Castro.

Anchorage police say the stabbing happened at the safe harbor inn.a transitional housing set up in east Anchorage.

Officials say physical abuse against children counts for about eleven percent of cases reported each year across the state.They also say this type of abuse is not typical, "Our biggest problem is neglect, and we don't see physical abuse as often. We certainly don't see the type of severity depicted in this story," said Christy lawton, Direcots at the office of Children Services AK.

State prosecutors say jordan sainte is a severe flight risk and has ties to New York. Police and the office of children services are working together to deicde where the young boy will live once he leaves the hospital.