blood bank

ANCHORAGE, AK - Blood Bank of Alaska is hosting Governor Bill Walker on September 1st to declare the month of September as Alaska Blood Drive & Donation Challenge Month.

The event will focus on raising awareness of the needs for blood in Alaska and the importance of blood donors in our community. It will be held at the Blood Bank of Alaska on Airport Heights.

The Blood Bank of Alaska stated in a press release that “consistent blood donation is important to ensure a safe, pure and potent supply of blood for our communities. Blood must be readily available in the event of a medical crisis, trauma, or man-made disaster. Eligible blood donors can make a lifesaving impact by donating, saving as many as three lives with every donation. Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood and Blood Bank of Alaska must collect on average 100 units of blood a day to meet the needs of hospitals and communities across the State of Alaska.” 

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