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Ethan Berkowitz New Mayor

With a significant margin, Anchorage voters have elected Ethan Berkowitz as their next mayor. According to his campaign, Ethan started his career as an Anchorage prosecutor working with community leaders, police officers and residents to reduce crime in our neighborhoods. He served West Anchorage in the Alaska Legislature for ten years, championing fiscal responsibility... Read more »

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Alaska Municipal League

Local leaders from every corner of the state have taken over downtown anchorage this week. The Alaska Municipal League conference was formed to help cities and assemblys strengthen themselves though out the state and receive in depth study or refreshers for those in need. Attendees say the event is vital to the planning and handling of the upcoming year. Iris Darling says, "I'm one of seven people with the mayor and we have a very good council in the city it's a good council we're trying hard to work together and move seward forward and try to better the community and way of life there." The AML is a voluntary non-profit and non-partisan statewide organization representing about 97 percent of alaskan residents. Major agenda items during the conference include adopton of the 2014 a-m-l legislative priorities and election of AML officers and directors. Iris Darling says, "I think this is a great opportunity for the whole state of alaska to get together and intermingle and compare what issues are facing each city in the state." This conference offers an opportunity for local elected officials to review lessons-learned from other communities and pool their resources on areas of common concerns. Read More »

Seward Middle School eats their Fruits and Veggies

The staff and students of Seward Middle School enter a national competition for healthy, sustainable lifestyles - and need a little help from the rest of Alaska so they can win. Read More »

Alaska Tuner Catalog hosts a food drive

To kick off their second year as an official club, Alaska Tuner Catalog will hold a charity event this weekend. Read More »