Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy has suspended certain fees and fines within the Departments of Health and Social Services, Administration, Commerce, Labor, Revenue, Environmental Conservation, Natural Resources, Transportation, and Fish and Game as a means to offer economic relief to Alaskans during the COVID-19 Disaster.

"There is a lot of help on the way from the feds and the state as well," Dunleavy said at a press conference Friday. "We're trying to work as quickly as we can and make sure we look at all our sectors."

The measure was touted as a means to stabilize the economy, retroactively began April 1 and is expected to run until at least May 11. 

AlaskaCare, a healthcare plan which covers about 90,000 people in the state, has waived costs related to getting treatment for COVID-19 symptoms, as well as any testing and diagnostics related to upper and lower respiratory infections, and has increased access to Teladoc.

Other examples of relief include the Mining, Land and Water suspending payments on land contracts, the arks and Recreation suspending payments for commercial operations within Alaska state parks, and Forestry suspending fees for beach log salvage programs.

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“I thank my team of Commissioners for finding ways to ease the burden on businesses and individuals as we face an economic slowdown due to COVID-19. My administration continues to find areas in which we may lift fees and fines, move tax deadlines, and wisely encourage/practice social distancing,” said Dunleavy.