Anchorage, AK - Alaskans have seemingly gone viral across the world for our resiliency and strength, but there’s more to surviving a 7.0 earthquake than willpower.

It’s no doubt we’ve all been chuckling at the memes blowing up our timelines after the earthquake, but there are some that make a really good point and have left us all with a burning question – how?

How are we still standing with minimal structural damage after a 7.0 earthquake when quakes of that magnitude in other parts of the world have left mass destruction? As it turns out, the answer is simple – really good building codes and hard work by structural engineers.

While of course there’s more to it than a few cross anchors and support beams, having ones that can move with an earthquake certainly help.

Even though it’s now 5 days since the quake, business isn’t slowing down any time soon for the engineers of Anchorage. If you’re worried about your house here’s a few pointers.

Principal Engineer for BBFM Engineers, Greg Latreille, advises if you do think you have serious damage, it’s best to send pictures when contacting an inspection company so they can judge the severity. He also asks you remain patient while they get through the massive line of buildings that need assessed.

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