-- Igiugig, AK 

This week the Igiugig Village Council and Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) celebrated the launch of the RivGen® Power System, a unique sustainable solution now available to remote river communities in Alaska and worldwide.

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy and a crowd of over 60 people gathered at Lake Iliamna and the Kvichak River in Igiugig for the unveiling of ORPC’s first commercial device, which will be deployed long term in the Kvichak River -the largest sockeye salmon run on Earth. 

"What I'm excited about is if this works the way its designed it could revolutionize a lot of rural communities in Alaska... it'll keep folks in these small towns where they were grew up and were born and raised," said Governor Mike Dunleavy. 

The 40-kW power system will provide up to one-half of the Igiugig community’s electricity needs annually. Plans are underway for the installation of a second RivGen, which when completed would reduce diesel usage by 90 percent.

The Igiugig Village Council is the first tribal entity in the U.S. to be issued a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hydrokinetic pilot project license. Alexanna Salmon, the president of the Igiugig Village Council says it's all about collaboration.

"All of our entities in this village worked together -the Native Corporation, the tribal government... all levels of government need to work together and show that things can be done," said Salmon. "We're able to work together because we keep our values and our people at the very center... Igiugig is my everything. It's where we've lived for ten thousand plus years, where we want our kids to be raised, and their kids... so it's home... and this is definitely our hope for a sustainable future." 

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