Dozens of officers were on the scene of a standoff where a man had barricaded himself inside his home. 

Police and SWAT were outside for hours today during a standoff but we found out just after four officials entered the home and found the suspect died from self-inflicted wounds. Officials say no shots were fired by police during the incident. 

Officers received a call from an alarm company at 5:04 this morning after a house alarm was triggered near east 34th avenue and old Muldoon road. 

Shortly after police arrived on the scene--- dispatch received a call from a female who lives at the home.

The female then told police that the man inside the home woke her up  and threatened to physically hurt her--- even firing a handgun inside the home. 

Officials say the victims mother set off the alarm when she arrived to pick up her daughter.

After the male suspect refused to come out of the home--- the swat team was called in just before 8:30 this morning. 

Officials say the female victims was unharmed during the incident.

The name of the suspect and how he died has not been released at this time.