Well right now the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility is reminding people that while toilet paper may be sold out of stores- that is the only thing that will flush properly down the toilet.

I know that since it's hard to buy toilet paper right now, it may be tempting to use other sources in its place- but- AWWU says the city's wastewater system accommodates only toilet paper.

Certain items can clog pipes and cause sewer backups into homes and businesses. Even disposable wipes that may be labeled as flushable - don't break down in water as well as toilet paper. The AWWU says flushing them should never be an option. And that goes for paper towels as well, as their material is made to be water absorbent.


And speaking of toilet paper flying off the shelves, the Fred Meyer grocery chain is addressing many people’s concerns about when items will be restocked

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