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Have you heard of The Traveling Gas Can Man? Well, if you see him walking along the side of the road, don't be alarmed -he's simply a man on a mission.

In his spare time Bruce Prehn picks up his bright red gas can and hits the road by way of kind strangers.

He's traveled thousands of miles through his own form of "hitchhiking" even in just a single day! But now, he wants to kick it up a notch.

Starting Monday, Prehn will begin his nearly 4,000 mile journey to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN. On his way he hopes to raise at least one dollar for every mile it takes to get there! 

Prehn plans on making it all the way to Memphis by July 5th and when he does he'll give all the money raised directly to the hospital. He also wants to reassure everyone that donates via his GoFundMe page that whether he makes it there or not, all the money will still go to St. Jude's (but given his track record, we're sure he's going to make it). 

This trip is not only about raising money for a good cause, but also about showing the country how kind Americans truly are and prove that you really can spread joy by just a simple act of kindness. 

After this trip, he has a bigger goal in mind. He hopes that enough people hear about his journey to create a 'Gas Can Challenge', where celebrities can offer to donate to a charity of their choosing if Prehn makes it from lets say San Francisco, CA to El Paso, TX in just a single day by catching rides from helpful strangers. 

If you'd like to help The Traveling Gas Can Man get to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and see the Gas Can Challenge take off, be sure to keep an eye out for that red can, or donate to the cause on his GoFundMe page. 

Plus if you see Prehn on the side of the road or happen to pick him up be sure to post your pictures online with the hashtag #RefuelingKindness to spread the word!

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