Two more Alaskans have lost their lives to the coronavirus, according to an announcement by the Alaska Department of Health and Human Services Saturday.

Fourteen new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, including cases in communities not previously affected by the outbreak: Anchorage 7, Fairbanks 3, Juneau 1, Chugiak/Eagle River 1, Anchor Point 1, and North Pole 1.  One of the new cases is someone who passed away, according to DHHS. This brings the total case count in Alaska up to 171.

The Anchor Point case was a middle-aged man who developed symptoms and subsequently died of COVID-19 out-of-state on March 29. Alaska Epidemiology was notified of the death by the state the person died in, according to the press release.

The second death was an older female from Fairbanks who tested positive on March 27, and passed away in the hospital on April 3, according to state officials.

Of the 13 new cases - minus the death - seven are male/six female.  One is aged 10-19, two are 20-29, four are 40-49, two are 50-59, one is 60-29, one is 70-79.  16 people have been hospitalized, one in the last 24 hours.