Anchorage, AK-- Three defendants were arraigned Tuesday afternoon in the Cynthia Hoffman murder case.

The U.S. Attorneys office held a press conference to announce new state and federal charges that two of the defendants could now face. 

Denali Brehmer, Kayden McIntosh and Caleb Leyland were all in court Tuesday to face charges in the murder that took place on June 2nd at Thunderbird Falls.

So far, six people have been indicted in the murder and now two of those individuals are facing federal charges as well.

During the press conference, U.S. Attorney, Bryan Schroder, announced that Brehmer and 21-year-old, Darin Schilmiller, are also facing charges for child pornography. 

While detectives were investigating Hoffman's murder they found evidence of child pornography on Brehmer's cell phone. Further investigation showed that Schilmiller offered Brehmer millions of dollars to produce and send him graphic videos, one that included a child that was at least eight years old. 

According to officials, Brehmer met Schilmiller online and the two quickly began a relationship. Text messages between the two show that Schilmiller told Brehmer he would giver her nine million dollars to "rape and kill someone in Alaska."

Brehmer then recruited McIntosh, Leyland and two unnamed juveniles to carry out the plot. 

Right now all six of the young adults are facing multiple charges and during the press conference, Schroder warned parents of the dangers their child could face when meeting a stranger online.

"If there's a take away at this point it's that for all the good the internet can do, it can also be a very dark place," Schroder stated. "Parents would be wise to monitor the activity of their child online."

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