People fist-bumped their way into the record books on Saturday, during the United Way's Fist-Bump Relay, in an effort to stand together to fix homelessness in Anchorage.

"We set a World Record for Fist-Bump Relay, so we all knew Anchorage rocks now the whole world knows Anchorage really does rock, and Anchorage really stands for making sure all of our neighbors have a place to call home," Michele Brown who is the President of United Way of Anchorage said.

The group beat the previous world record of 250 people, when all 300 people in attendance continuously fist-bumped through the crowd.

Organizers say, the Relay symbolized the community working together to end homelessness.

"It starts with the sense of value of a place to call home, a commitment to work together, to join forces and be as dogged as we can be until we make sure everyone, families, youth, single adults, everyone has a place to call home," Brown said.

To find out how you can get involved in the United Way of Anchorage's effort to end homelessness, just go to

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