Students from ten Youth Courts in Alaska met to find out about new techniques to benefit their peers in their communities.

"It helps them depending on what their Court needs, like it can teach them new strategies, new ways to deal with their youth and their juveniles,"German Kalugin who is a Senior at Voznesenka High School said.

Youth Court is for older middle school students and high school students across the state who get into trouble.

"It's a restorative justice program set for youth and by youth to make sure that kids do something wrong, they got a second chance, it doesn't show up on your Permanent Record, it's really nice, it's really, really nice, no one's too harsh about it, it's like kind of friendly like hey I know we mess up we're kids too and we just talk to them and make them feel better," William Herzner who is a Junior at Nome Belt Junior/Senior High School said.

"Youth like to get in trouble because they have family problems or they have, they have bully problems and it's hard for them and when they get in trouble they go to the adult system and that's bad for them because for future time or they want to get a job or want to go to college it get's worse and worse for them because they see they will see that felony or that crime and it's gets bad," Kalugin said.

Participants say, Youth Court not only benefits the youth, but their parents as well.

"My kid just got in trouble, he was going to get sent to court, but this program here is meant to let them have a free pass, so I've had parents come up to me this is really, really great it's a really great program."

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