UAA and Clark Middle School

ANCHORAGE, AK – The University of Alaska Anchorage and Clark Middle School are launching the second year for the Distinguished Leadership Academies. This partnership is a leadership development program designed to introduce seventh and eighth grade students at Clark Middle School to a path to higher education and different career options.

Distinguished Leadership Academies emerged out of the UAA College of Business and Public Policy and Clark Middle School Leadership Fellows Junior Program, which began in spring 2015.

“I am excited to work with Principal Williams and my colleagues to kick off the second year of the Distinguished Leadership Academies and the third cohort of the CBPP Leadership Fellows Junior Program. The program continues to make an impact on today’s youth and it is a significant opportunity to strengthen connections among different UAA colleges, Clark Middle School, Anchorage business community, and the Mountain View community. Last year, we received donations from CBPP faculty and staff, Frontier Tutoring, BP Asian Network, and Northrim Bank. The donations provided the 14 students who graduated from the CBPP Leadership Fellows Juniors Program with Frontier Tutoring SAT or ACT Prep scholarships worth more than $11,000. I am so excited that the business community is contributing to the program” said Program Director Dr. Terry Nelson in a press release.

This year the Distinguished Leadership Academies include the College of Business and Public Policy and College of Health. Together these colleges will work to cultivate a community-based and engaged learning experience for the Clark Middle School students. 

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