Anchorage, AK -- Volunteers in Anchorage are bringing out their paint brushes this week.

Volunteers with NeighborWorks Alaska are painting eight homes this year for people who are unable to complete the task by themselves.

Sharon Baker who owns a home in Anchorage says it’s hard for her to keep up the house by herself. “They’ve done yard work, powerwashing, reconstructing along the trim so it’s more than just paint” she says.

The organization has painted nearly 200 homes since 2006 and have had several teams volunteer to help.

“We’ve probably had roughly 150 volunteers this year” says Marc Bartel who works with NeighborWorks Alaska.

Bartel says he loves being able to help people like Sharon. “This is my favorite project we do” he says. “It’s nice to see the smiling faces, the appreciative homeowners and the volunteers have a great time”.

This year the organization plans to finish the eight homes over the course of two weeks. The event will end on June 13th.

If you would like to volunteer for the Paint the Town event next year or if you would like to nominate a neighbor in need, visit

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