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Where do the election signs go?

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- The primary election is less than 24 hours aways and for months new we've been seeing candidate's signs posed everywhere. But how do they get taken down and what do candidates do with them after they've been used. ... Read more »

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  • AD DeLena Johnson

    Palmer Mayor DeLinda Johnson reminises about life in the Mat Su valley, and sits for a job inteview for that Senate seat in Juneau. Read More »

  • AD Matt Claman

    Former interim Anchorage Mayor Matt Claman is making a run for the State House. He sits for the job interview with Dorene, but expresses that he really wants to be the one asking her questions instead of the other way around. Read More »

  • AD Byron Mallott

    Candidate Bryon Mallott is looking to take up residence in the Governor's House, so Dorene has a nice visit to see how the man measure's up. Read More »

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