Lt. Governor Byron Mallott About The Arctic


Tom Begich: Part 2

Education supporter Tom Begich takes a look at how rural education will be effected by this year's legislative budget considerations. Read More »

Tom Begich: Part 1

Education supporter Tom Begich takes a look at how rural education will be effected by this year's legislative budget considerations. Read More »

Election Reforms in Juneau

Election reform discussions in Juneau. Read More »

API Deborah Kiley Abby Laing

Fearless Wellness Dr. Deborah Kiley joins Abby Laing to discuss becoming "localvores" and eating/drinking local foods. Read More »

API Senator Kevin Meyer

Senator Kevin Meyer checks in with what to expect in the next session. Read More »

API Joe Miller

Senate candidate Joe Miller opens up about his personal life in this exclusive interview with Dorene Lorenz. Read More »

Greg Wolf, Rada Khadjinova, Robert Reges

Greg Wolf, of the World Trade Center, Rada Khadjinova of PacRim Institute and Robert Reges of Revees Amodio explain how environmental permitting impacts international trade. Read More »

API Deborah Kiley

Fearless Wellness Dr. Deborah Kiley and Dr. Abby Laing give proactive tips on having a incident free summer. Read More »

API Paul Ongtooguk

UAA Professor Paul Ongtooguk stops by with a fun book report. Read More »

API Dan Sullivan

Mayor Sullivan spills the bean on his run for Lt. Gov., tennis and what it takes to survive adversity. Read More »

API Don Gomes

API Don Gomes talks about the politics of community theater. Read More »

API Alaska Innocence Project

The Alaska Innocence Project uses modern technology to get wrongful convictions overturned. Read More »

API Solstace Showcase

The Alaska Film Forum and Alaska Filmmakers, in association with Bear Tooth Theatrepub, proudly present the Solstice Showcase! Join us at the Bear Tooth Theater on June 20, 2013 at 10PM for a presentation of five original short films produced right here in Alaska. Featured Films: My Time Machine - Director Levi A. Taylor Skit Show - Director Jeff Warren Exes - Director Matt Jardin Orc - Director Woodruff Laputka Matt & Maddie - Director Bryant Mainord The screening will also include the world premiere of the latest trailer from "Proper Binge" directed by Michael Burns and Dean Mitchell, and a sneak peek at the upcoming Shockumentary Series by Crooked Pictures. Tickets: On Sale NOW! $10 General Admission $12 Booth Seating (per person) Be sure to RVSP for further updates here on Facebook and be sure to look for more details coming to & Read More »

API Terzah Tippin Poe

Meet and Greet with Terzah Tippin Poe, who is taking over as host of Alaska Political Insider come August. when Dorene hops to noon to do Alaska Daily. Also a taste of Spenard Jazz Fest with Jackie Shafer and Tovi Newman serving up an Alaskan original song. Read More »

API Lesil McGuire

Senator Lesil McGuire explains the thoughts behind her choice to run for Lt. Governor. Read More »

API Bill Sheffield

Former Governor Bill Sheffield confirms all his Wikipedia facts, and tells the stories behind the bullet points. Read More »

API Yngvil vant guttu

Norwegian musician Yngvil vant guttu discusses the upcoming Spenard Jazz fest. Read More »

API Les Gara

Representative Les Gara discusses the needs of foster kids in Alaska and ways to help our. Laptop donations, mentorships, foster parenting and adoption are all discussed. Read More »

API Mike Hawker

Representative Mike Hawker talks oil/gas, and what we should be expecting next session. Read More »

API Alaskan Pioneer Charles Baird

Alaskan Pioneer Charles Baird is getting ready to come off LaTouche Island. Details on a year of solitude. Read More »

API Geran Tarr March against Monsanto

Representative Geran Tarr joins protestors across the planet in a March against Monsanto. Read More »

API Jack Roderick Ray Metcalfe

Former Anchorage Mayor Jack Roderick and former Alaska State Legislator Ray Metcalfe team together on an organized effort to repeal what they consider to be a multi-billion dollar oil tax give away. Read More »

API Alaska Distillery

Alaska Distillery serves up their own spin on "Alaska Grown," and ABC/FOX meteorologist Brad Maushart serves as Dorene's designated drinker. Bottoms up! Read More »

API Dan Fauske

Dan Fauske offers what is new and exciting at Alaska Housing and Finance Corporation. Read More »