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AD Representative Geran Tarr

Representative Geran Tarr discusses everything from Erin's Law to Alaska Grown. Read More »

AD Barb Mee

Barb Mee, author of Senator Ted and Mee, remembers a lifetime working with Senator Ted Stevens. Read More »

API Rep Andy Josephson

Representative Andy Josephson checks in with an inside look at the last session and his thoughts on what the next one will look like. Read More »

API Paul Ongtookguk

UAA Professor Paul Ongtooguk offers us a book report. Read More »

Jon Bittner

Jon Bittner of Anchorage Economic Development Corporation sparks the flame of innovation across the state from flame breathing salmon to growing the technology sector--yes, Alaskans can do it better! Read More »

API Trina Landlord, Alaska Native Arts Foundation, Clare Glauster, Clare to Clare

Trina Landlord and Clare Glauster give us a sneak peek at the culturally diverse new fashions giving the New York fashion scene a run for their money--and they reveal the name of the star MC at the upcoming Clare to Clare event. Read More »

Rob Kinneen,

Chef Rob Kinneen of talks about how food issues are both local and global--and his brushes with stardom. Read More »

Scott McMurran, Alaska Travelgram

Scott gives Political Insider the skinny on how to get out of town fast and cheap this summer! Read More »

API Dr. Deborah Kiley

Dr. Deborah Kiley discusses healthy choices. Read More »

API Denise Hill Seven Deadly Sins

Special Effects make up artist Denise Hill explores the sin of gluttony in a new First Friday Art Exhibit at Bernies. She demonstrates just how to make that extra double chin...on Terzah. SPOILER ALERT: New guy hazing. Read More »

API Jane Angvik

Jane Angvik argues for the repeal of the "Oil Tax Give Away." Read More »

Jackie Shafter and the Standard Deviations

Jackie Shafter and the Standard Deviations ready for the Spenard Jazz Fest with their Alaskan original song. Read More »

API Ancestor from the Future

The Crew of Alaska Political Insider suggested this was their favorite segment of the show this year - inter-disciplinary artist Allison Warden's performance of Ancestor from the Future. Dorene was coveting her zip tie head dress. Read More »

API Kitty Wellman Deborah Kiley

Dr. Kitty Wellman joins Dr. Deborah Kiley for a discussion on how to go wild outside. What to do about bug and animal bites, wellness for kids, sunburn, hands-only CPR and the dangers of Grandma's purse. Read More »

API Deantha Crockett

Deantha Crockett, the head turning executive director of the Alaska Miners Association - answers viewer questions about Red Dog Mine and launches in on the flaws of the EPA's new assessment on Bristol Bay. Read More »

API Alice Rogoff

Alice Rogoff of the Alaska Dispatch discusses the recent Court decision against former Senatorial candidate Joe Miller. Alaska as an arctic nation is the focus of a spirited discussion. Read More »

API Cathy Giessel

Senator Cathy Giessel discusses the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission. Read More »

API Bill Wielchowski

The Governor signed four bills yesterday, and Senator Bill Wielchowski has issues with three of them. Find out why in this compelling interview. Read More »

API Lindsey Holmes

Representative Lindsey Holmes stops in and offers the down-low on what happened in Juneau last session. Read More »

API Ivan Moore

Alaska Press Club columnist of the year Ivan Moore talks gun control, and why we need more of it. Read More »