Alaskans Still Having Trouble Enrolling In Gov't Marketplace

More than a month after its launch Alaskans are still having trouble logging on to


by Whitney LB Miller

ANCHORAGE- More than a month after its launch Alaskans are still having trouble logging on to Officials with the program Enroll Alaska say it's been frustrating and there is no clear answer as to why the site has not been fully functional.

Five weeks into the launch of the governments mandatory healthcare market place agents with Enroll Alaska have stopped enrolling Alaskans because they still cannot log on. 

"We have only been able to enroll 3 individuals into the fed facilitated marketplace,"said Tyann Boling; Chief Operating Officer for Enroll Alaska. "There is a lot of problems with the website."

Problems that have stopped business indefinitely for the company and shutdown their off-site centers. Further halting sign up in the last frontier is a subsidy calculation. Officials say the federal government is miscalculating the state's poverty level. Meaning Alaskans are being short-changed and will have to shell out more money.

Boling says "Until were confident that it has been corrected we are not going to deploy any agents."

"It's frustrating for the people who have been waiting to enroll in a health insurance plan that is affordable for them and its frustrating for everyone who is trying to help individuals," she said.

Even with all of the recent malfunctions there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. The government has said the site should be fully functional by the end of the month.

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