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End of the week is almost here and BIG improvements for the weekend... However, we have to get through Friday's showers before we turn UP the heat and bring back the endless sun! So lets get to it!




For the southcentral region the rest of tonight, clouds in the area with a few chances for some sprinkles. Overnight lows in the low to mid 30's and mostly cloudy skies.


So for Friday.... Its a bit tricky on timing wise. As soon as the system over the Southeast part of the state starts to move east it will pull the remaining clouds over the southcentral region with it. When that happens clouds will get backed up against the Chugach and Kenai Mountains and because of that the moisture in the clouds will get squeezed out. So expect some light rain and showers for the Anchorage area tomorrow. Temperatures will be a bit colder with winds more out of the North coming from the interior so only in the low to mid 40's. Of course all of this depends on timing. Right now it looks like majority of it will happen at night and into the morning with clearing in the afternoon/evening.


Then after we get through tomorrow its smooth sailing! Bring on the sun and the HEAT! Temps in the 50's! Ill Take it!


Long term---


Looking through the end of the weekend and next week, a few clouds do return to the area but nothing more than to spoil all the sun. They will be passing by quietly so no need to panic or grab the umbrella! Enjoy the sun and see you at 5, 9 and 10! 



Ryan Overton

Chief Forecaster 5, 9 and 10pm.



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Updated: Thursday 8:00pm

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