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Updated: Thursday 7:46PM


Things getting messy tonight. If you haven't been outside and were planning on it this Thursday evening... Think again. Heavy rain overnight tonight and lows will be in the low 50's to upper 40's.


Friday is a bit tricky. By noon it seem we will be drying out, even possibly earlier than that we will see rain tapering off and clouds will start to lift with lots of sun in the afternoon hours! However, northerly breezes will be bringing cooler air in from the north. This means temperatures will be only in the mid to upper 50's Friday.


Long term, Friday night will be chilly with lows in the 30's! We could be in for our first freeze of the year! We stay dry through Labor day but daytime temps will be a bit chilly! Have a great night everyone!



Ryan Overton

Lead Weather Forecaster

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