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New genetic testing paving the way for breast cancer detection

Anchorage, AK-- Every person has what's known as the BRCA- 1 and BRCA-2 gene. These genes are known to clean up cancer causing cells, but breast cancer in one's family history could cause those genes to mutate.

 "If we have a mutation of those genes, we have a less efficient immune ability to take care of those potential issues,"... Read more »

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A mother of six says she didn't have time for breast cancer

Anchorage, AK--    Sandra Small was like most women, guilty for not getting her routine mammogram. But it was her physician who said it's time.

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Male breast cancer still affects men across the globe

 Anchorage, Alaska--- October is breast cancer awareness month. 

 Cancer charities and organizations are thinking pink. 
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Breast Cancer was no match for this Alaskan

Anchorage, AK--  Today, Sharon Cissna knows what it truly feels like to be alive.

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