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AD Fearless Wellness Deborah Kiley Cathy Giessel Vaccines

Fearless Wellness with Dr. Deb Kiley visits with Senator Cathy Giessel about a new law that will make vaccines less expensive for Alaskans. Read more »

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First pot debate proceeded at Egan Center

Anchorage, AK--The November fourth elections of 2014 holds the future for several issues, one in particular that has split voters right down the middle. 

"Marijuana... Read More »

Protect Women's Health from Corporate Interference Act fails

 Anchorage, AK--    A recent supreme court ruling that favors corporate health care has stirred the pot for many human rights activists across the country. 


Alaska Regional Hospital ups maternity unit

 Anchorage, AK--   It can be traumatic or comforting.

 One local hospital has spent fifty million dollars to make sure that comfort level is main priority. 
November... Read More »