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Seward Middle School eats their Fruits and Veggies

The staff and students of Seward Middle School enter a national competition for healthy, sustainable lifestyles - and need a little help from the rest of Alaska so they can win. Read more »

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You can now sign up for Health Insurance

Anchorage, AK-- You can now sign up for healthcare. The ACA initiated open enrollment Saturday, November of 16th. You can find help with either United Way, or the Alaska Primary Care Association,... Read More »

Local hospital remains good local option for Alaskans

Anchorage, AK-- Julie Taylor, CEO of Alaska's Regional Hospital, was Make it Monday's guest speaker during the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce's luncheon. She described to members of the board... Read More »

What would happen if somebody in Alaska contracted Ebola?

Anchorage, AK--  What you see in this room is where Providence Hospital in Anchorage trains their staff in case of an outbreak. Anything from Swine Flu, AIDS, to now Ebola.

 ... Read More »