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A mother of six says she didn't have time for breast cancer

Anchorage, AK--    Sandra Small was like most women, guilty for not getting her routine mammogram. But it was her physician who said it's time.

    "I had not done a mammogram in three years and so she encouraged me to go," Sandra Small said.

  Within the week, Sandra scheduled her appointment.... Read more »

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Male breast cancer still affects men across the globe

 Anchorage, Alaska--- October is breast cancer awareness month. 

 Cancer charities and organizations are thinking pink. 
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Breast Cancer was no match for this Alaskan

Anchorage, AK--  Today, Sharon Cissna knows what it truly feels like to be alive.

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Anchorage Hilton Hotel might have moldy rooms

Anchorage-- Housekeepers from the Hilton Hotel in Downtown Anchorage say nearly 50 rooms contain mold. They say so far, no immediate efforts to remove the fungus have been conducted, ensuing... Read More »