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Kohls gives back for Habitat of Humanity

Anchorage, AK-- The Habitat for Humanity in Alaska says they appreciate various organizations volunteering their time to help them build their first neighborhood subdivision. The project is completely funded by sponsorships. Coinsiding with Habitat for Humanity, Kohls "Go Green" event calls on their employees to volunteers their time... Read more »

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Commeration set for Bean Cafe volunteer

Anchorage, AK-- Hundreds gather for Bean Cafe volunteer's memorial service Wednesday Morning. Many of them to pay their respects, all of them to say their final goodbye.  ... Read More »

More than 2,300 Alaskans sign up for insurance

Heavy web traffic and software glitches prevented some Alaskans from enrolling in the online federal marketplace on Monday, the deadline to sign up for coverage under President Barack Obama's healthcare law. Read More »

Survey says Juneau is state's healthiest

Southeast Alaska communities are among the state's healthiest. Read More »