Alaska Regional Hospital ups maternity unit


by Derek Smith

 Anchorage, AK--   It can be traumatic or comforting.

 One local hospital has spent fifty million dollars to make sure that comfort level is main priority. 
November of 2013 sparked the beginning a renovation project set by the Alaska Regional Hospital, to enhance their maternity unit. It's a project in the making. 
 The first area of concerns are in respect to it's family birth center. This includes a fully functional Labor and Delivery Unit, a Women and New Born Care room, and a Neonatal Intensive Care section (NICU), where families can experience a little more privacy. 
The Women's and Newborn Care Unit, a completely renovated facility for postpartum mothers, is nearing it's finishing stage. It's equipped with a bed side computer station for nurses, a spacious environment, and of course, a king size bed. 
Step two and three are currently progressing as it's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit along with it's Labor and Delivery Unit remain under construction. One mother who chose not to be on camera says her whole birthing experiencing while under the new plan has been extremely accommodating. 
   She says the boost in lodging has enhanced her experience as a new mother, despite having her baby born prematurely, which she says will be just fine.