Autism Law Goes Into Effect

Autism Bill Becomes Law Without Governors Signature


by Mike Ford

At midnight thursday Alaska became the 31st state in America to require health insurance policies to cover treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

Rep. Dan Saddler is father to an autistic sun and is elated about the new law."Other families are not going to have to have to face those same challenges(That we did) they'll have funding through their health insurance. Many of them will get the benefits of a good appropriate therapy and education at home, keep their families together and provide better support and provide a better outcome for everybody"

A number of legislators and groups helping people with special needs gathered together Wednesday to celebrate. It took two years for a measure with bi-partisan support to make it through. Senate Bill 74 passed through the Senate in February and was passed by the house on the last day of the session. Governor Sean Parnell chose to return the bill to the legislature without his signature which under Alaska state law results in enactment.

According to the Key Coalition of Alaska 1 in 88 chidren born in the United States will be diagnosed with Autisim.