Blood Bank of Alaska needs your blood


by Derek Smith

Anchorage, AK--   

     On average, someone needs blood every two seconds. With a shelf life of forty-two days, blood is a commodity, especially here in the Last Frontier.

     " Yea, we would encourage all eligible donors to come in and donate, if they can find that time. You can visit any of our donation sites, come in and support Alaskans," Director of Collections and recruitment of the Alaska Blood Bank Westley Dahlgren says.

     The Blood Bank of Alaska say summer time is notorious for donors. It believes the state's outdoor life might serve as a distraction causing regular donors to skip out on giving.

      " That's really historically what happens. Right now we are just asking people to come in and donate, sacrifice an hour," Dahlgren says. 

     With a twenty percent decrease in donors experienced during the summer season, the Blood Bank of Alaska fear they might need help from their lower 48 counterparts. But one high-schooler Monday says she's doing her part one pint at a time.

     " I' ve been wanting to come in and give blood and i'd waited, but I just wanted to come in and give blood because giving back is awesome," 10th grader of Bartlett High Alesia Lawson says.

     Alesia says she wasn't aware that summer calls for more donors. What was mostly on her mind was saving lives.

  " If i can give back, that's great, I'm going to keep doing this. If you can save a life, go you, it's not that bad,  just sit in that chair and give, more people should definitely do it," Lawson says.

     It's clear that shortages are prevalent during the summer time. But what's uncertain is the amount of donors in a time of need. That's when the Blood Bank of Alaska say you should act.