Food Pyramid is Ancient History


by Natasha Sweatte

After years of revisions and makeovers, it is finally official, the food pyramid is ancient history.
This circular plate will be the new standard in serving up square meals.
Consider it the non-pie chart pie charta dinner plate divided into four wedges for each of the basic food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains and protein.
The Obama administration, led by the first lady, is hoping to reshape the American diet.
The new circular plate is their latest stab at fighting obesity.
Pointing to its simplicity, Michelle Obama says, "it is simple enough for kids to understand even at the elementary school level."
Chef Bill Telepan says you can easily eat healthy at home and with this new visual aid, you can do it tonight.
Everything in moderation they saw so if you can eat this way a lot more than the other way you're having a good start," says Telepan.
Officials hope the new guidelines are useful and easy to follow, as 68-percent of Americans are presently obese or over-weight.