'We Breathe Again' Documentary Shines a Light on Suicide in Rural AK

A local documentary group needs to raise $15,000 by August 23rd to finish their feature length film.


by Megan Mazurek

Alaska has the highest rate per suicide per capita in the nation, a staggering statistic especially when you break it down by demographics. Those rates show young Alaska Native men to be most at-risk, more than any other group.

One local group of documentary workers are are trying to change the cycle of suicide and abuse by shining a light on rural communities allowing its people to share their own stories of struggle and healing.

"We Breathe Again' is a feature length documentary that executive producer, Evon Peter, says the film can help strengthen communities to give them a voice.

The group is looking to raise money to finish the film and has until August 23rd to meet their goal of $15,000, otherwise the group does not get any amount of money pledged to their project thus far.

To donate any amount for the film go to the

kickstarter website

for 'We Breathe Again'.


You can also find the group on their facebook page.